Monday, September 9, 2013

Non-toxic Make Up Artist, Katey Denno

I was cruising around the internet today and after a trail of clicking one link to another, found myself watching a great video segment with celebrity makeup artist, Katey Denno (no I didn't know who she was before 2 hours ago).  But I really like her and her philosophies, so check it out.

After watching that, I had to learn more about Katey and found that she is kinda big-stuff (her clients include Christy Turlington, Felicty Jones, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde and Olivia Munn to name a few) .  She even has a blog which has lovely non-toxic/organic products that she uses and tips on how to get that "red carpet" look.  Thanks Katey! (check out her blogpost on how great organic coconut oil is for you...and then remember that I told you first!)

Here's a pic of Katey, a beauty with amazingly natural red hair (jealous).

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