Friday, July 22, 2011

Body Pump

I've been going to said class (body pump - in case you didn't read the title) at my local gym where hubbs and I are members. The first time Stevo and I went together. I think he was just making sure I wasn't going to die. The class, seen here, says it will strengthen your entire body. Well sign me up. Ok so 30 minutes in, Steve looks at me - sweat dripping from his red faced chin - and says "I'm done" and walks out never to be seen again...until after class, he didn't go missing. It was intense to say the least.

Let's paint the picture though. The classroom is a large room on the 2nd floor of the gym with hardwood floors (laminate let's be honest), a variety of workout garb in the back such as stair steps, dumbbells, barbells, weights and yoga mats, windows looking into the gym on one side and windows looking to the view of the parking lot (lovely) on the other. To top it off, the fitness model/instructor has her own stage in the front complete with fanny pack microphone system so we can all feel bad about ourselves that we can't catch our breath but she can carry a conversation. Annoyingly, the class is packed every night with women AND MEN prancing around in their spandex. Even grandma in the front has a tighter body than me!

All of that aside, I continue to go. Yes I wear baggy T-shirts and shorts. And no I don't have a bronzed tan to show off. But I diligently go to class 3-4 times a week, lifting the weights that are challenging me...even if they are some of the lightest in the class...and I stay till the end. I do this because I couldn't a year ago, 6 months ago, maybe not even 3 months ago. And I'm proud of myself.

...and I'll let you know that I recently purchased smaller workout outfits!
my new attire

I even got the weight lifting gloves so I look bad ass