Friday, February 25, 2011

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hi all. Sorry I haven't been updating very often...I'm not sick anymore so I don't have much to say!

I have been getting a lot of emails asking how things are and if I corrected any of the hormones that were out of normal range. YES! My husband is able to give me pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that are 100% natural and whole-food - only available through a licensed healthcare practitioner. What this means is that they don't contain any man-made products, no fillers and don't interfere with any other medications someone might be on. They help boost your own body's ability to heal. So I'm on supplements to improve my adrenals, thyroid, immune system, Vitamin D levels, and digestion. In addition to these, I found a wonderful holistic MD (that also uses the same nutritional products Steve does) and he prescribed Nature-Throid for my hypothyroid. The combo of all of this has changed my life!

I have so much energy I can't remember the last time I was able to go, go, go like this! I feel like the energizer bunny... and I'm getting so much done now that I can work the entire day! On top of the energy, my thyroid is being properly supported and I've lost 12 pounds!

I still have some work to do...I believe we are going to have to address the estrogen and progesterone levels because I'm still having symptoms related to those being low, but again Steve can help my body support those systems naturally. We were originally waiting to see if these would regulate after supporting the thyroid...but it doesn't look like that's happening.

So all in all, things are really good. I'm able to focus on building my interior design business ( and my husband's chiropractic and wellness practice ( It's nice to be able to focus on things other than being sick.

Side note: If anyone out there is interested in learning more about pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements to support the body's ability to heal naturally, Dr. Steve is available for phone consultations. He has many patients all over the country that he talks to via phone and email, then constructs a personalized plan and ships your nutrition directly to your house. For those of us with Porphyria, being able to take supplements that are 100% natural and whole-food is a true blessing because, as we all know, many medications (even OTC) can cause attacks. His office phone is 770-998-7588. With a wife who suffers from this disease, he knows what's worked for me. We would love to help others too! :)