Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

It only seems fitting that I ring in the New Year with a sinus infection. It's just been that kinda year. To give a quick update, I have been doing very well... although this causes difficulty when I have nothing to talk about on my blog! I decided to look into my hormones and make sure all of the levels are in optimal range. Don't laugh, but Suzanne Somers has wonderful books that explain the hormones of the body and their functions. Many of my symptoms that I'm still experiencing can be caused by hormone imbalance. So just to look at everything, I did a saliva hormone panel and are awaiting my results.

Other than my new sinus infection, I've been able to return to all of my former activities - sometimes with a bit less energy, but I'll take it! I wish all of you a HEALTHY and safe New Year.


  1. Jan,

    I had my hormones tested several times. I have even been tested for Bi-Polar disorder. UUGGHH!! I didn't care what it was just as long as they could treat it. Oh I don't have a problem with either. Just ADHD with severe anxiety.

    Just to give you a reassuring sanity check, my doctor in Tyler said in all her research for me, she could not find anything other than Porphyria that causes urine to change color in the sun like ours does. This is the doctor that treats seizures in Porphyria.

    Hope you are feeling better : )

    Hugs to Jan,

  2. Wow, Loved your journal. I took part in a stem cell study for Crohn's disease. After my third treatment my world crashed down on me. I have had two 8 month disasters. During these disasters I have had severe neuropathy, low blood sugar like symptoms, disorientation, a change in my urine color and odor and stomach and face rashes. Mu urine looks like yours when I am active. All these were reported to 10 different doctors who were either stumped or just thought I was nuts. I went thru all the crap about depression as well. It wasn't until I said to my neurologist that there must be some reason that my urine changes color and odor when all these other symptoms come on that a light bulb came on. I was coming out of a flare at the time and I still haven't tested positive. It appears likely I will have to wait until I fall apart again to get a formal diagnosis. Anyway it certainly seems like I am a Porph as well. Good Luck to you and thanks for taking the time to blog.

  3. Dave, you are the first person to mention the urine odor as a symptom. I also have the urine odor (along with the color change)as a precursor to an attack. Very interesting! I have only a "clinical diagnosis" for porphyria...we think Hereditary Coproporphyria (HCP) since I have the photosensitivity with severe acute attacks. I have been taking cimetidine (Tagamet) which has stopped my acute attacks but I still have little energy and am sleepy all the time. Best wishes and be well, Dave.