Thursday, April 22, 2010

Starting From Square One

So after 3 months of cardiology tests, it was decided that nothing was wrong with my heart. So now what? Well, back to square one. And in that square was a new internal medicine doctor. My previous doctor, who I loved and was great, went into premier care... so I find myself doctorless. Until now. This doctor was in a large practice with my previous doc and came highly recommended. Great. For blog purposes I'll refer to her as Dr. Facade (you'll get it later).

So Dr. Facade is great. She is extremely concerned and interested in my story. Her nurse is lovely and caring and doc even said, "don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this". Well it was just what I needed to hear. Not only had I wasted all these months on my heart, but I was getting worse. Fatigue, migraines, edema, my toes were now turning blue, my hair falling out and thinning... I was ready for answers.

Blood tests round 1 - nothing

Blood tests round 2 - nothing

Blood tests round 3 - something, but really nothing. Low Vit D. Big deal.

By now Dr. Facade is running out of ideas. I continue to see her in her office 2-3 times a month, every time complaining of more and more. My list of symptoms keeps growing: fatigue, migraines, edema, blue toes, hair thinning, and now my muscles hurt and cramp, my stomach hurts, diarrhea and constipation (how do those go together?), and a strange rash is now popping up on my back and shoulders.

She sends me to local hospital for CT scan of abdomen. Normal.

I sense she's starting to think I'm loco, so I begin taking pictures of my rash and bring them to her.

I explain that like the red dots under my eyes, this looks the same, but is on my back and shoulders. There's strange areas of non-uniform redness. It doesn't hurt or itch and comes and goes within a few hours. Dr. Facade looks at my pictures during our visit (which I'm paying for) and without any interest, says "looks like a sunburn."

Yea, that's it. Ummm, ok. Well it's not. I don't go in the sun, I explain how I burn really easy and even wearing SPF 30 Sport I will burn within minutes. Even at the beach I stay under an umbrella.

No, all you Porphs out there, the bulb did not light up over my doctor's head. Instead, she says that because we can't find anything medically wrong, I must be getting depressed over the "situation" and she was going to prescribe Wellbutrin (anti-depressant). The only thing that was making me depressed was the fact that instead of looking for my underlying condition, my doctor was trying to shut me up. By the way, I never took the prescription.

I didn't stop taking pictures, though. I was shocked the next time I had this mystery rash. It was 20 times worse. Good hubbs took pics for me to take to Dr. Anti-Depressant.

Well this picture is sure to get Dr. Facade's attention. Nope. I should have fired her at this point, but I was sure she was going to get to the bottom of this... just like she promised.

Instead, she gave me a Rx for hydrocodone for my pain, and another for my IBS. Fill the prescriptions and see you in a few weeks.

By the way Doc, my muscles are now twitching all the time and it's driving me nuts...

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