Friday, April 23, 2010

Life Goes On

Through all of this, life continues. I continued to build my interior design business, I continued to help my husband with his chiropractic practice. I even tried going back to the gym a few times... this didn't work out so well, but expectations have changed. If I don't leave the gym strapped to a gurney, I view it as a success!

There were times when I was sad I was sick. My sister got married in November, just 6 weeks after my hospital stay. I was dealing with vertigo, extreme fatigue, edema... I wasn't at my best, and for such a special event I wish I would have been healthy.

Just one week after my sister's wedding, Steve and I traveled north to his best friend's wedding. We only see his side about once a year, and this event was it for us. Again, I was not feeling great and being away from your own home and your own bed doesn't help when you're going through this. I tried my best, put on a dress and even heels (a true accomplishment when vertigo seems to always have the upper hand), and managed to smile for a few pictures.

(Steve and I at his friend's wedding. I'm exhausted, eyes bloodshot, and I look more grey than my usual pink)

Oh blah dee, oh blah da, life goes on, OH! La la la la life goes on.

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  1. Its funny (not funny haha but funny ironic?) that you state you look grey in this picture- and I have to agree- I had my last attack on the 9th of May (im a nurse) and when i got admitted into my own ward I walked down the corridor in the middle of the night to heat up my heat pack- I said hello to a nurse who i had worked with and she said- hi... and gave me a funny look- i went into my room going i wonder what I've done? I pressed the buzzer half hr later to get pain relief- I had a strong pain killer and in australia they need two nurses (equivalent of morph- its endone- does nothing during an attack btw) and she was the second nurse- when she saw my name tag she said "omg Shira- I didnt realize it was you!- you looks so grey/off colour" Im half scottish/half filipino- so i have a bit of a tan- and i've never been called "off colour" before- and everytime i had a dr/nurse/visitors come in they'd tell me how i look like sh*t basically- so i feel your pain!