Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is what I've been doing

Ok Porphs. I know I was all "oh I'm still here" and then I wasn't. Well, my life is boring what can I say...literally, what is there to say when you have a blog and there's nothing going on in your life? So to catch up... it's been over a year since I started having bad acne. I introduced everyone to Dr. Derm who told me to wear opera gloves and scarves - which I did for like two weeks and then haven't since, but I did totally stock up on scarves from Target which I admire daily as they hang in my closet. Dr. Derm also let me in on a little secret - that truck drivers have a thing for opera gloves. Who knew? So long story short... trying to get my acne under control has been difficult to say the least. It's been a process of trying this cream, then that gel, then these cleaning pads... You get the picture. About a month ago I had had it and asked her to take it to the next level. So she prescribed me Minocycline, a common antibiotic used to treat moderate/severe acne. Great! Nope, not great. The ONE TIME that I didn't double check my new medication, yes you guessed it, it's not good for porphs and I got sick. Within 48 hours I couldn't stand straight, nausious, had dark pee, outbreak on my back and went outside to pick a few weeds in our yard and got a huge, itchy rash on both arms from sun exposure. Obviously I stopped the medication and started to feel better. I will say, that Dr. Derm took total responsibility and apologized for making me sick (gasp! Yes, take a minute to read that again - a doctor who apologized for making and admiting to a mistake!) She now has me on a different antibiotic that is not making me sick and is doing a good job of clearing up the zits.

Here are some pics of my reaction to the minocycline - yes, very sexy:
It's hard to see in the pics, but the rash is made of tiny little red dots. 

Much more importantly, I decided a few weeks ago that being blonde was boring and that I needed to spice things up...so I went red.  I talked to my hair stylist about it first and he agreed that I had "the coloring" for it - meaning I'm pale and have light eyes - and so we did it. 

Here it is red... and I'm laughing becuase I feel like the Joker.
I admit that it doesn't look bad in this picture - but trust me it was bad.  And look how the hair color highlights the red in the acne.  Just what I was going for.

So 48 hours later I had them "fix it" back to blonde.  Which it really isn't right still so I'm going to a friend's salon later today and hopefully they can fix it... better.

So that's what I've been up to.

One last thing - I think that recently my blog has been posted on a website or conversation board or something because I've had all kinds of new readers - which I love!  However, many of you are emailing me asking for a copy of an article I talked about...can someone be more specific?  Let's all remember I have a horrible Porph memory and going through all previous posts to try and figure out which one yall are referring to sounds like a nightmare.  If I can figure out which article you want - and find it again - I'll be sure to post it on this blog!

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