Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Math

Southern Summer Sun

(very strong sunscreen)


(tent for shade at the pool or beach)


(a fabulously large hat...oh and I'll take the body too)

Hopefully doesn't =

Yea, I don't want to do this again! Now that's taking "farmer's tan" to a new level!


  1. The burn was from taking a walk in the morning when it was cloudy/drizzly out... only walking for just over an hour... but no sunscreen. Duh.

  2. hey Jan! i absolutely love your blog, its so nice to know i'm not the only one on my search for an answer, like they say misery loves company. lol. i do have a bit of a personal question, do you by chance notice your symptoms changing during "your time of the month?" mine seem to trigger a few days of semi normalness, along with a round of different symptoms? also, i found that hats and umbrellas that contain spf in them are very helpful in the sun! (:

  3. Hi Natalie,

    I'm glad you have found company in me and my blog. To answer your question, yes I do have a flair-up of symptoms around my period...although it is quite irregular. I typically gain around 5 pounds of water weight - 4 of which I swear is only in my ankles - have "digestive issues", and will often get a porph patterning of my skin (not a rash). I attribute it to the flux and flow of hormones, which of course are normal but also can create porph problems. :)
    Hope this helps!